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MOA & You

The Missouri Optometric Association promotes the advancement of optometry by advocating for and educating its members; and protecting access to the highest quality eye and vision care for the citizens of Missouri.

You made a decision years ago to dedicate yourself to the higher calling of optometry. Many rewards and challenges have come to you as a result of your career choice.

Today, no organization is better prepared to help you meet these challenges than the Missouri Optometric Association (MOA).

Founded in 1901, the Missouri Optometric Association today represents and serves more than 500 members. Simply stated, the association’s goals are:

  • to represent the optometric profession to government, third parties, and the public;
  • to promote continued optometric education;
  • to assist members in conducting successful practices with the highest standards of patient care and efficiency; and
  • to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of eye and vision care.

As an expression of our full commitment to the practice of optometry, the MOA is an affiliate of the American Optometric Association (AOA). This means MOA members must belong to AOA as well. Only through strong and united organizations can optometry be expected to advance educationally and professionally. The essential aim of both the MOA and the AOA is the advancement of the profession.

The profession of optometry is better for all optometrists because of the teamwork organized throughout the years by the MOA. We think it is in your and our best interests if you’re on this team, too!

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