Legislative Leadership

Thanks to the many dedicated optometrists and other individuals who help keep MOA moving forward in the 21st century.

Missouri General Assembly

House Leadership

Speaker of the House
Rob Vescovo (R-112)
Phone: 573-751-3607

Speaker Pro Tem
John Weimann (R-103)
Phone: 573-751-2176

Majority Floor Leader
Dean Plocher (R-89)
Phone: 573-751-1544

Assistant Majority Floor Leader
Hannah Kelly
Phone: 573-751-2205

Majority Whip
Allen Andrews
Phone: 573-751-9465

Majority Caucus Chair
Sara Walsh
Phone: 573-751-2134

Majority Caucus Secretary
Ann Kelley
Phone: 573-751-2165 

Minority Floor Leader
Crystal Quade
Phone: 573-751-3795

Assistant Minority Floor Leader
Richard Brown

Minority Whip
Doug Clemens
Phone: 573-751-1832 

Minority Caucus Chair
Ingrid Burnett
Phone: 573-751-3310

Minority Caucus Vice-Chair
LaKeySha Bosley
Phone: 573-751-6800

Minority Caucus Secretary
Gretchen Bangert
Phone: 573-751-5365 

Minority Caucus Policy Chair
Sarah Unsicker
Phone: 573-751-1285

Senate Leadership

President Pro Tem
Senator Dave Schatz (R-26)
Phone: 573-751-3678

Majority Floor Leader
Caleb Rowden (R-19)
Phone: 573-751-3931

Assistant Majority Floor Leader
Bill White (R-32)
Phone: 573-751-2173

Majority Caucus Chairman
Dan Hegeman (R-12)
Phone: 573-751-1415

Majority Caucus Secretary
Jeanie Riddle (R-10)
Phone: 573-751-2757

Majority Caucus Whip
Tony Luetkemeyer (R-34)
Phone: 573-751-2183

Minority Floor Leader
John Rizzo (D-11)
Phone: 573-751-4551

Assistant Minority Floor
Brian Williams (D-14)
Phone: 573-751-4106

Minority Caucus Chair
Karla May(D-4)
Phone: 573-751-3599

Minority Caucus Whip
Steven Roberts (D-5)
Phone: 573-751-4415

MOA Industry Alliance Members