Governmental Affairs

Like it or not, optometry is a legislated profession, defined by and existing at the pleasure of the Missouri legislature. For this reason, the MOA is very active in promoting legislation that expands our scope of practice and work with equal diligence to stop legislation that may restrict our scope of practice.

We advocate for

  • any willing provider legislation
  • making sure optometrist are reimbursed by insurance and government programs at the same as other eye care professionals
  • and many other issues crucial to the practice of optometry.

Each year we host the MOA Legislative Conference, which gives MOA members the opportunity to meet one-on-one with legislators at the State Capitol. Making these connections is crucial to the long-term success of optometry.

Over the years, the MOA Keyperson System has developed as a strong tool for promoting grassroots level activism and developing personal relationship with legislators in our respective districts.

MOA Political Actional Handbook

The MOA has developed a “Political Action Handbook” which explains the legislative process and serves as a tool for Missouri ODs to help them meet their responsibilities to each other and to the profession each of us has chosen for our life’s work. The handbook tells how a bill becomes law and how to interact with your State Representative and State Senator.

Contact the MOA office at 573/635-6151 or e-mail us at for a copy of this helpful booklet.

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