Support MOPAC

Optometry is a legislated profession, defined by and existing at the pleasure of the Missouri Legislature. The MOA’s Political Action Committee (MOPAC) is your way of alerting our legislators to your profession, mission, and standards you set for your profession. All money contributed to MOPAC funds legislative efforts that sustain your ability to practice at the level you were trained.

We are fortunate to live in a democracy, with government by the people. WE are those people! We must participate to ensure the future of optometric issues. If we fail to participate, any worthy opponent can block our efforts to advance or even strip away the privileges earned in the past since laws can be reversed and changed as easily as they were added. It’s vital that all MOA members contribute to our MOPAC efforts. If you have any questions regarding MOPAC, please do not hesitate to call the MOA central office at (573) 635-6151.

Thank you for the support of your contribution toward furthering optometric issues. 

MOA Industry Alliance Members