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For MOA Members

For more than a century, the Missouri Optometric Association has been dedicated to making optometry a stronger, better, more visible profession.

We work diligently on all fronts to ensure that those who  have earned the title of doctor of optometry have the opportunity to  practice their professions to the fullest extent possible.

Today, thousands of successful optometrists work in all types of  health care environments in Missouri.  Many have found success in Health  Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), hospitals, clinics, educational  institutions, commercial and private practice…and much of this success  is the result of the efforts of the organization that represents  optometry…The Missouri Optometric Association.

The only way to have a say in an associaton is to belong to it!   Membership in the MOA gives you a voice in the direction of our chosen  profession, something that is especially important in these times of  rapid change.  Remember, the association exists to serve you.

The leadership structure--officers, trustees, and committees--of the MOA is comprised of volunteers. Your membership offers the opportunity to serve on various committees within MOA.

MOA is the voice of optometry’s concerns in all legislative, regulatory and judicial decisions affecting the profession. The MOA is concerned with legislation and regulation that might affect the general public’s right to select the health care professional of their choice to provide vision care. The association works to make certain that optometry is treated favorably in all legislation related to health care. MOA monitors health care trends in both the public and private sectors and works closely with all government-funded health care programs.

As a member of the Missouri Optometric Association you can help keep your association strong, which in turn benefits you. Whether it’s dealing with a government agency, the ophthalmic industry, or the press, the MOA speaks with one voice, knowing that the knowledge and strength of all Missouri optometrists stand behind it.

If you’re currently a member of the MOA, we thank you for your continued support. If you haven’t yet joined, the MOA extends a warm invitation to you to become a member of this vital organization of professionals.

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