Roundtable & Industry Day

The Roundtable is designed to serve as the information/idea exchange and is geared to address key issues affecting the eye care industry.

The MOA Industry Roundtable promotes direct communication between MOA leadership and industry.The MOA Industry Roundtable is open to all companies maintaining membership with the MOA Industry Alliance Program.

The MOA Industry Roundtable will be conducted annually during the fall convention of the Missouri Optometric Association. Companies holding membership with the MOA~Industry Alliance Program will meet with the MOA volunteer leaders and senior staff in both formal and informal settings.

Industry Alliance Roundtable

Meeting Scenario

  • A formal meeting in a conference style room setting.
  • An MOA member will act as emcee and discussion leader.
  • Key issues will be addressed.
  • The duration of the meeting is approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours in length.
  • An informal joint breakfast meeting with individual or group discussion will be held.

MOA Industry Day

MOA Industry Day recognizes those firms and individuals who have made significant commitments to the well being of the eye care industry.

This annual event is held during the MOA’s spring Board of Directors meeting and in conjunction with the annual MOA Leadership Retreat. It is planned for companies maintaining membership at the Executive Level. The day incorporates both business and leisure activities.

A formal meeting between MOA leadership and industry guests will be conducted to discuss key eye care issues. Preceding or following the formal forum, a recreational and/or leisure activity will be scheduled.

Option: An informal dinner with a recap of the meeting held earlier that day or an informal breakfast will be held to summarize the previous day’s meeting.

Industry Alliance Program

Industry Alliance membership is a benefit, not only to MOA members, the Association and affiliated groups, but most importantly, to those companies providing products and services of the optometry industry.

MOA Industry Alliance Members